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2017 is our "Farrow Year" see you in 2018!

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Alcohol Policy


Drinks & Alcohol


We want everyone to enjoy the festival experiance at Watchet LIVE


At Watchet live No drinks of any description may be brought onto or taken into/or from the licensed festival arena.


The festival runs it own licensed bar selling Real Ale, Ciders, Lagers, spirts etc at well below event prices and in line if not lower than avaerage pub prices.


Please leave any drinks that you may have brought with you in your tent or car – any drinks in your possession when entering the site will be confiscated (this is a condition of our license).


For safety reasons NO glass is permitted in the festival arena site.


Please support the festival bar it provides a wide range of drinks at prices below that of more commercial festivals and are in keeping with other local licensed premises.


Long waking hours, dancing and summer sun will make you thirsty – don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Please know your limits and take care – drugs/alcohol cocktails can be lethal, know your limits and those of your friends.


Watchet LIVE operate the ID25 system and search is a condition of entry.


If you are lucky enough to look younger than what you are please ensure you have I.D with you. 


If you are drunk and causing a problem, you may be arrested – keep your time at the festival fun and don’t over indulge, please consider your fellow festival goers.


Please don’t drive under the influence of drink or drugs at any time.


Take note that if you have been drinking in the evening, it has not necessarily worn off when you wake up in the morning – be safe not sorry!!


Drug Policy


The dealing in or use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated by Watchet live.


Drug enforcement laws are as applicable on the festival site and around the town as anywhere else in the country.


Police will be patrolling the festival site as well as the town itself and will deal with drug offences in accordance with national guidelines.


If you deal in drugs, it is likely that you will be arrested.


Any attempted sale of drugs either on the festival arena, car parks, camping areas or the town will result in arrest and the perpetrators will be banned from this and future festivals.


Watchet live has built its reputation on being a family friendly event and will not tolerate anti social behaviour of any kind at their festival.

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