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2017 is our "Farrow Year" see you in 2018!

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Fires and BBQ's


Event Policy and SAFETY NOTICE

Due to our licensing conditions and land lease agreement, Strictly no open fires are permitted on the festival land.

We do not encourage BBQ's on site but as in previous years, there will be a communal cooking area on site and you are strongly advised to use this....

However, if you're planning on using a BBQ, whether it's a disposable one, gas or charcoal please make sure you keep yourself safe and don't put yourself at risk of being poisoned.

Please follow these tips on BBQ safety:

Never take a smouldering or lit BBQ into a tent, caravan or cabin. Even if you have finished cooking your BBQ should remain outside as it will still give off fumes for some hours after use.

Never use a BBQ inside to keep you warm.

Never leave a lit BBQ unattended or while sleeping.

Place your cooking area well away from your tent. Always ensure there is an adequate supply of fresh air in the area where the BBQ is being used.

Only use your BBQ in accordance with the operating instructions.

Remember the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning - headaches, dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, collapse and loss of consciousness.

If you're using a gas BBQ or gas camping equipment please use the communal cooking area and follow these extra tips to help you stay safe:

Check that the appliance is in good order, undamaged and that hoses are properly attached and undamaged. If in doubt get the hoses replaced or don't use it.

Make sure the gas taps are turned off before changing the gas cylinder and do it in the open air.


Never leave a gas container in your tent just in case it is leaking! Carbon Monoixde is silent deadly!

Don't over-tighten joints.

When you have finished cooking, turn off the gas cylinder before you turn off the BBQ controls - this means any gas in the pipeline will be used up.

Read the manufacturer's instructions about how to check for gas escapes from hoses or pipe work, e.g. brushing leak detection solution around all joints and looking for bubbles.

Never take a gas stove, light or heater into a tent, caravan or cabin.

Please take care this summer and don't put yourself or your family at risk.

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