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2017 is our "Farrow Year" see you in 2018!

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2017 Fallow Year

To squash any rumours we are taking a break / having a year off / having a fallow year in 2017.


The reasoning behind this is :-


Watchet LIVE always agreed/planned if we got the festival to year ten we would have a break, as the whole event is planned/managed by a volunteer group of people who in the real world have full time jobs, everyone needs to take some time out to refocus the event and how we evolve from here.


There are no plans to move the festival location, the farm isnt being sold, but main arena field needs a rest ( as well as us!) Also we do need to re licence the event and with the merging of the West Somserset and Taunton Deane councils moving forward we need time to do all the applications again, so no rest for the wicked!


Ten years ago when we move dto parsonage farm we had a lot of locals moaning that they shouldnt have to pay to attend......this year many of these were complaining they couldn't get a ticket( didnt purchase it time dispite numerous announcments).....How times change! 


Thnakyou for everyones support and comments over the past ten years in helping the festival become what it is today.



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